2wheels, the return: Edward Genochio's bike expedition across Asia to England

2wheels: The Return

Edward Genochio's bicycle expedition from China to England

September 2005 - November 2006

Sponsored by Decathlon China

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Mongolian Horseman Stole My Bicycle!

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Krasnoyarskiy Kray, Siberia, Russia


Tuva, Siberia, Russia

Horses, Mongolia

Baikal, Siberia, Russia

Hop off

Priyanik, half-eaten (by me), Kyakhta, Russian-Mongolian border. Shortly after this photograph was taken, the other half was eaten. Also by me.

Buryatia, Russia

Roadsign in Tuva, Russia

Tuva, Russia

The sky, I think


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** Thank you Decathlon China for their generous sponsorship, including the new 2wheels bicycle, tent, sleeping bag and other equipment. Particular thanks to Michael and Cyril and their team at the Shanghai Huamu Decathlon store. **

Thank you Roger Owens and Drennan Co. Ltd (Shanghai) for working their logistical magic and getting my dear old Mark I bike (veteran of the Great Mongolian Bike Robbery) shipped back from Shanghai to England.

P&O Ferries helped me out when it came to getting across the English Channel between England and France on the original 2wheels expedition, and have just offered to bring me back again from Calais to Dover at the end of 2wheels: The Return.

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2wheels: The Original

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