A Journey by Bicycle through
Europe, Siberia, Mongolia & China
By bicycle from England to China through France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia
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Once I start writing it's only a matter of time before - as you will discover if you delve deeper into this website - I start rambling, so I'll try and keep this introduction short by sticking, Grangrindianly, to the Facts:

Start point
Exeter, Devon, UK

End point
Shanghai, China (People's Republic of)

Estimated mileage
20,000 km

I said mile age
Sorry, 13,000 miles

Why ?
Next question please

Means of transport

What about the Channel?
I thought you'd ask that

Edward Genochio

Yes, unless you'd like to come too


26 what?

You astonish me
Thank you

Watch this space


Give us a clue
OK, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, China

Only 9 countries then
Yes, but some of them are quite big

Departure date
22nd February 2004

Arrival date

Go on, have a guess, we won't hold you to it
October 2004 then

What will you eat?

Ha ha. Try again
Whatever I can find and cook on my stove

Tent, wherever possible

Most looking forward to
Clear skies and open roads

Least looking forward to
Rain and traffic

Most likely to say
"Excuse me, is this the way to China please?"

Least likely to say
"Tie me kangaroo down sport." Among other things

Are you doing this for charity?
Not as such. But see here.

Are you out of your mind?
Emily is a psychologist, I'll let her answer that one

Internationalism, cricket, peace, love, the environment, bicycles

Anything else?
Oh yes, I forgot - motherhood and apple pie

R. Murdoch, S. Hussein, G.W. Bush

What? Are you saying that those three -
Hang on, I just put them in the same box, doesn't mean I'm saying they're equivalent. They also fit together in boxes marked "mammal" or "made of protons, electrons, and neutrons".

Are we straying from the point here?
I think we are rather

One final question
If you must

Where are you sitting as you write this?
In the sunshine in my garden in the beautiful town of Topsham on the Exe estuary in Devon

So why on earth are you going to -
Sorry, that was your final question.


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