A Journey by Bicycle through
Europe, Siberia, Mongolia & China
By bicycle from England to China through France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Siberia, Mongolia
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**March 2004: Unfortunately I didn't keep this page updated, and now I have set off I won't be adding to it for some time. For future updates, see the homepage, or the diary or mileage log section, and if you want updates "as they happen", join the updates mailing list (see top left of this screen).**


June 2003

Decided to cycle to China in 2004

July 2003

Wrote to local bike shops and got a part-time job (one day a week) as a "volunteer" trainee mechanic.

August 2003

Researched visas and routes. Stuck into Dervla Murphy's books.

Began taking steps to wind up business. Discussions with clients and with potential purchasers.

September 2003

Registered domain name: 2wheels.org.uk, and set up this website

Researched routes, visas

To be done

October 2003

Approach sponsors and obtain sponsorship

November 2003

Finalise sale of business

Acquire equipment

December 2003

Hand over business to purchaser by the end of this month.

Obtain Russian visa invitation

Trial ride - bike tour round England: Exeter - Carmarthen - Bolton - Keswick - Leeds - Nottingham - Royston - Exeter?

January 2004

Obtain Russian and Ukrainian visas

February 2004

Final preparations.

Must get on the road before the end of the month!

March 2004

Aim to be at or near the Ukrainian border by the end of the month

April 2004

Across Ukraine and aim to be at or near the Russian border by the end of the month.

May 2004

European Russia, towards the Urals

June 2004

Russia - across the Urals and into Siberia

July 2004

Russia - towards the Mongolian border

August 2004

Into Mongolia

September 2004

Out of Mongolia into China

October 2004

Across China and towards journey's end: Shanghai

November 2004

Time to find a job in China to over-winter, with an eye to getting the bike back on the road for spring 2005.

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